"breakout" type game


i got question as a video mp4 “breakout” type game with arc
any source code to work with!

What is that question?

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I have a string feeling that this is a school assignement. Could you please update the tags of this post with “homework”?

We can help you figuring out what you don’t understand and help you move forward, but we won’t be doing it for you.

What have you done so far?

Yeah, please show your entire code


  • We need setup() and draw() - check section Hello Mouse here: Processing Overview \ Processing.org

  • We need arc()

  • We need a current start angle

  • And a speed for the change of the angle

  • Check if(keyPressed&&key==LEFT) for cursor

I also have questions:

  • Why is it breakout like??

  • is acceleration the same as speed here??

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