Box stroke width

I’ve just started learning how to use p5.js in a 3D environment.
I made a simple array of boxes with different heights (here’s the code, it is very simple p5.js Web Editor)

However, when two boxes with differents heights touch each other, the stroke isn’t very bold (which is normal I guess).I don’t know if what I’m saying is clear so here’s an image showing it

Is there any way I can make the lines circled in red a little bit more thick ?

Thanks in advance

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box (24,h,24 );


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I found it 5 minutes after sending my message haha thanks !

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Hey, and welcome to the forum!

Great to have you here!

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An alternative solution:

translate(26*i, h/2, 26*j);
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thanks for your solutions ! if anyone is interested in seeing the result, here it is

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Thanks, it is beautiful!