BoofCV now includes QR code detecting, templates, and motion detection

Updated the processing wrapper around BoofCV with so that it now uses BoofCV 0.31. Also added a few new features. Template matching allows you to search for an image within an other image. Motion Detection (a.k.a. background modeling) allows you to detect moving objects from a stationary camera. QR Code detector and QR Code generate are both included.

You can thank Jean-noël Lafargue for making a request that template matching be brought over to the Processing wrapper. Wouldn’t have occurred to me to do that otherwise.

I’m not sure how often the list of contributed libraries is updated, but if you install right now you will be installing an older version. So it might be best if you check in tomorrow and see of 0.31 is around. You can also just manually download the update from:

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:tada: Thank you!

Very, very excited for Template matching – templates are really useful for beginner projects, especially with software interfaces, and a great introduction to some simple CV concepts.

However, for some reason I am still seeing 0.26 in Contributions Manager. Any chance it didn’t get picked up because the submission url or properties file didn’t quite match?

(I tried to fix your post link limit – let me know if it didn’t work and I’ll try again.)

I e-mailed the contribution manager maintainer and asked if they could update the contribution list. I think they do it every few days or so typically.

It’s working now. Try updating again.

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Works great!

I like the SimpleTemplate example.

One suggestion: expose the matching scores from that class. For example, offer a SimpleTemplateMatching scores() method that either returns boofcv List or else just returns a processing List with x, y, score. Template matching results are very seldom useful without the scores – even in the simplest case of determining whether the mouse pointer is or is not present.

Or you could just make the matcher public. I took a quick look, and it seems like right now the whole chain is locked up to prevent extending – Boof.templateMatching returns a SimpleTemplateMatching with a private matcher and no access methods to its Match scores.

those are good suggestions. I attempted to simplify the interface and might have gone a bit overboard. I’ll get to it in a couple of weeks probably. also feel free to submit pull requests if there’s a feature that’s missing.

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