Boof cv library error

Hi guys my name is Lovell a Business IT student i am fairly new to processing. I am currently working on computer vision specifically, image classification with the boofCV library. I keep getting this error each time i run the imageClassification.pde (
Failed because of UnknownHostException

Content length = 0 MB
File exists, but is not the expected size. found 355 expected 357

Failed to decompress. Probably not a zip file or a corrupted zip file
Could not run the sketch (Target VM failed to initialize).
Make sure that you haven’t set the maximum available memory too high.
For more information, read revisions.txt and Help ? Troubleshooting.) I really don’t have an idea on how to go about this, any help will be sincerely appreciated thanks.

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Is this example form the boofCV library or from some other source? Could you provide the code please? Also, you could download the zip file and palce it in your folder. Then, if the pde is downloading the file from the url, you can change it to point to your local storage where you downloaded the file.

I cannot run the boofcv atm but I could try tonight.



Brilliant thanks a lot this actually worked i downloaded the zip file from the URL in the error, and directed it to the model and set the boolean parameter requiring me to download the model to false. // classifier.loadmodel(“model url”,false). really appreciate the help kfrajer.

I’m maintaining BoofCV’s processing wrapper. The local for models was changed since sourceforge doesn’t like it when people hotlink like that. Unfortunately this wrapper hasn’t been updated to reflect that change. New locations are below but you will need to look through the code a bit to plug it in.


thanks lessthanoptimal I finally found the nin classifier zip through your link, I really appreciate your efforts in maintaining the boof cv library. I am wondering is it possible to retrain the classifiers and if so I would really be grateful to know how. thanks again.