Blank PDF output for one particular sketch - checking before submitting a bug report


I’ve only been using processing (v4) for a short time, but am having a lot of fun generating various images. These are all based on a similar structure (I tend to develop the code incrementally, saving each step as a new sketch) and I have just realised, while revising saved plots for possible printing, that one particular sketch generates blank PDF files. The PNG output is fine, as is the display to the screen, and there are no errors displayed anywhere that I can see.

So I have a couple of questions:

  • Is there any kind of log that I should check? Or a way to run processing more verbosely?

  • Is this a known issue? I did a quick search on github and saw no suitable issue (open or recently closed).

I’m not sure I should post all the code here, but the main routine looks like:

void draw() {
  beginRecord(PDF, "triangles.pdf");


Finally, just to emphasise - PDF output works fine with similar code in many other sketches.


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Can’t test the code without the full sketch code. If the code is too long try and shorten it so that it will still demonstrate the problem.

In this case it probably isn’t a bug in Processing.

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Does it work when you draw something else – let’s say a simple line?

I had to deal with a similar issue and found I needed to do more than one pass in the draw loop in order to have all my content printed in the .pdf.

also make sure that you name the .pdf file it helps.

I made a renderPass variable which was incremented in draw().

int renderPass;

println("renderPass = " + renderPass);

void startPDF() {
    if (renderPass == 1) {
    beginRecord(PDF, "fileName.pdf");

void endPDF() {  
  if (renderPass ==2) {

Good luck!

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i think the PDF stroke is not tracking the changed range of opacities set in colorMode (while output to a png or the screen does). see No PDF Output (connected to stroke opacity, colorMode) · Issue #725 · processing/processing4 · GitHub

also, the comments here were useless. no-one even tried to answer the questions i actually asked.

Next time I’ll be happy to take greater care to read members questions.

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Since you have successfully used PDF output in many similar projects what makes you think it is an issue with Processing rather than your code?

Hope this answers your questions. :innocent:

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See solution on GitHub: