Beginner having problems, for cycle, lines coordinates

Hi everybody, I’m very new to processing. I’m trying to finish this code, my uni professor told me I had to do a “for cycle” to draw all the lines using the coordinates. I don’t know how to do it, I’m stuck. Also after that the lines has to change according to a data that’s in the json file (the data is the co2kt level). How can I do it? How can I draw the lines from the coordinates and then associate it to his personal co2kt level? Thank you

The code:

PShape terra;
PShape Albania;
PShape Belgium;
PShape Bulgaria;
PShape Italy;
// coordinate inizio e fine delle linee
float[][] coordinateInizio = { {276, 303}, {226, 269},{300, 302}, {258, 311} };
float[][] coordinateFine = { {581, 599}, {83, 599},{779, 437}, {408, 1} };

JSONObject json;
JSONArray countries;
JSONArray co2kt;
int albania = 2; // indice del json
int belgium = 18;
int bulgaria = 28;
int italia = 91;

void setup() {
size(800, 600);
json = loadJSONObject(“daviz.json”);
countries = json.getJSONArray(“items”);
co2kt= json.getJSONArray (“co2kt”);


terra = loadShape(“terra.svg”);
Albania = terra.getChild(“Albania”);
Belgium = terra.getChild(“Belgium”);
Bulgaria = terra.getChild(“Bulgaria”);
Italy = terra.getChild(“Italy”);
//co2kt = terra.getChild (“co2kt”);

void draw() {
background (255,255,255);
shapeMode (CORNER);
shape(terra, 0, 0,800,600);


Task not clear.

Is the length of the line representing something? Is it on a map?

Can you post the json file content