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Hey, I’ve been working through a javascript beginners guide recently and I was wondering whether anyone could help me out with two conversion questions?

a) what would 2n be in Bars:Beats:Sixteenths?

b) what would Bar 7 beat 2.5 be in Bars:Beats:Sixteenths?

this mainly aligns with tone.js


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Do you have a link or code please?

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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

here is the info: Time

  • Notation, (“4n”, “8t”) describes time in BPM and time signature relative values.
  • TransportTime, (“4:3:2”) will also provide tempo and time signature relative times in the form BARS:QUARTERS:SIXTEENTHS.

(nevertheless just note that it’s not directly related to processing/p5.js :slight_smile: for that I drop a link to an amazing introduction by Matt DesLauriers about p5.js and tone.js: GitHub - mattdesl/workshop-p5-intro: Intro to Creative Coding workshop with p5.js and Tone.js )


Ahh this helps so so massively!
I’ve only just started coding and I’m really struggling to understand most of the terminology.
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

This doesn’t directly involve code, but covers it’s terminology.

  • I’ve deciphered that 2n = minim (therefore it would be 0:1:0 - representing 2 beats)

yet I can’t work out what .5 a beat would be categorized in.

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