AxiStrip a plotter comix case drawer

Hi, here’s the program I have adapted to draw my comic’s cases with AxiDraw plotter.

The code : AxiStrip on Github
I made the music myself and video editing tools with Processing.



What is the advantage of a AxiStrip compared to a Laser Printer please?

Thanks @matheplica!

How cool is that!

Link to the AxiDraw plotter with a FAQ:


You can print with a pen of the color, width, shape that you want.
You can change pen while it’s drawing.
You can draw on paper with the thickness you want or even on other support.
It’s another philosophy : here we are close to the movement of a hand drawing, step by step. When you program a plotter you don’t just focus on the result but also on the pen path optimization. It’s a little robot to speak with.

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