Assignment need help Due by 11:59pm

Please help!!!
I do not know how to make an animation with this!!
what i had in mind is moving the whole thing towards the right making it a loop.
I need to create a 15 sec short video.

hi! welcome to the forum!

first of all please don’t expect to solve a problem by the due date/time (and anyways I don’t know your timezone). this is not a forum for doing your homework (ref: homework policy) and instead, a place to share knowledge and to help each other.

second, please post the code as text, not a screenshot so others can try it without typing manually.

To make it 15 seconds long, you should use a small increment for the x and y values. It only takes 6 frames at 60 fps to push the rect off of the screen. Try an increment of 1. Secondly, you can also use rect() to make displaying the quad easier.