ASCII art animations


I’d like to try to create something along the lines of the super dope ascii animations of Andreas Gysin and others:

I believe the method he uses is to hand select a set of characters in increasing visual density and map “pixel” values to these so that a low value gives you something like “.” and a high value gives you something like “#”

To do this in processing - I know I can access the pixel array and easily enough map that to an array of characters. However since each individual pixel from the underlying animation becomes enough pixels to draw a character, I want a pixel array with smaller dimensions than I will ultimately render as characters.

To put another way I want one pixel array that is low resolution that generates my data from animations, and another one that is higher resolution that ultimately renders the animations.

I also don’t want to draw the first pixel array.

Is this approach possible in Processing?


Never mind!

I have found that PGraphics is exactly what I was looking for