ArrayIndexoutofboundsexception: 9

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Im getting ArrayIndexoutofboundsexception: 9 error as I read data from serial port.

@KGS Is this a genuine question? You post the link to the guide to asking questions and ignore everything in it. If you do all that it says, you may find the answer yourself, and you’ll post the question in a way that people can help you.

Hello @RichardDL,

This is what comes up if you generate a new topic:

I do not think all of our visitors know what do with this or visit the links which show up in the preview.

That point aside… @KGS did not post a question and could have provided more context and code.

This is not a question; it is a statement.


Now that you have those links (see your first post) you can read them.
Now that you are aware of them you are responsible for them.

A simple search for “ArrayIndexoutofboundsexception” in this forum or Google would have provided some insight.