Arduino Add Library Error - not valid library reported

When attempting to add video processing library for Arduino, reports ‘zip does not contain a valid library’
Tried older version, same result. Library will not install in Arduino environment. Running Win7 64bit.

Used — Used — arduino-1.8.13-windows.exe – update. removed old version installed updated version.

Is there no answer to this problem?

@videodub I’m sorry no-one has answered you and I don’t know the answer. From what you say I’m not clear whether this is a library for Processing or for Arduino. If Arduino maybe you should use the Arduino forum. Can you use the auto way to install:, Sketch, Import Library, Add Library… ? what happens?

Hi Richard, I’m simply trying to install the Processing Foundation zip video library into the … ‘Include Library’ of the Arduino . ie:

It just reports back that ‘Zip does not contain a valid library’ after an install attempt. How does it appear others are not having a library install problem based on the questions they are asking in this form? Am I missing something here? Is there another way to install this library?

I am confused by your question. If I understand correctly:

You are in the Arduino environment
You are trying to import as a library in arduino?

I might not understand you correctly, but if the above is the case: Processing is not a library for Arduino. Also I do not understand which video processing library you are referring to.

If you are indeed in the Arduino environment, I think you’re better off asking your question in an Arduino forum.

What is it that you want to use Processing for?

Hi, thanks you for your reply. I am indeed confused here. I watched a Youtube video… The Code Train…

and I saw what did looked like an Arduino code page. What software then is hosting this video library if not an Arduino? thanks

The software is Processing, it’s inside that zip you were talking about earlier. The library can be found when opening processing > sketch > Add library > search Video, but as the Code Train explains it is already included in processing so no need to install anything.

I recommend you look up a bit into Processing and what Processing is, as you seem very confused.
This playlist/video from The Code Train is a great start .

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The are indeed similar!,_Arduino,_and_Fritzing states:
“The Wiring or Arduino software environment is necessary to program each board. These environments are built on top of the Processing environment…”

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