Arduino, Adafruit board help

Hello dear processors, so I have bought this pulse-room kit. I followed all the steps that appear here and when I verify the code an error appears that says : invalid conversion from ‘void ()(tc_module)’ to ‘void (*)()’ [-fpermissive]

Any one has an Idea of what could be the nature of this?

The highlighted error is on the line that says zt4.setCallback(true, TC_CALLBACK_CC_CHANNEL0, Timer4Callback0); // set DAC in the callback

I’m not sure. It sounds like this might be a question for the guide author, Collin?

I have e-mailed him and he re-directed me to a forum. A forum that I signed in but has no option to start a topic, I did find a one ope (that seems closed because I did ask my question but no one replayed) topic about the same set-up I bought but with a different problem that I am having.