Apply video effect to every frame

hey guys, I recently learned to create the dithering effect
image no. 1 is the processed image
image no. 2 is the original image
… Its a lil heavy effect , So im unable to use it on videos and see it effect realtime.
image no.3 is when I try to apply the effect on the video. (it also skips frames.)

how would one go about — > taking every frame of a video ----- > processing each frame ----- > and then saving the frame …

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Is this a performance question – how to make it more efficient? When you say “saving the frame” do you mean to a directory of images?

Hey There!

Processing runs at 60 FPS maybe reduce it to 24 ( Standard for movies) saving pics at 60 FPS is a hefty job.

Did you also try threading?

ideally i would love it real time … so what i think is happening now , with a certain video is that the program jumps to a future frame without displaying the result of the current frame .
ex. while frame number 1 is not completely processed and the result it is viewable the video has already moved to a future frame , lets say frame number 15.
So i want to process every frame of a video and save every frame … it is okay if i cant view it in the sketch window. as long as every frame of the video is processed and saved.