Apply methods to a specific object from ArrayList/indexes question

Good morning, everyone!
I have a new question regarding processing programming.
What I am working on: I have an image object that is resized by user, then there is a lot of logic defining what happens with the object next: the object is moved, it causes some changes to objects of different type and then fades away( I need it to be deleted or so). The problem that I’m facing: I want to give a user a possibility to create several objects when the first one is still “in the game”. I assume using ArrayList, but I’m not sure how can I apply methods to a specified object and how can I delete used objects after fading as I need to know the index of the object. The question is: how to save index of just created object, so I could manipulate it. Does deleting from ArrayList affect indexes of still existing objects?

You don’t have to start a new discussion every time

Please also show your entire code

And of course removing changes arraylist

You don’t have to delete an item you can reset it by setting y to -33