App Icon Processing 4

I’m trying to set the icon for the application (and in the task bar) in Processing4, and I have this:

  PImage icon = loadImage("icon.png");

The image is 778x758; it doesn’t show up though in the program or task bar, so I’m not sure what to do here as this is the documentation:

Update, I’m using P2D and it appears to work for JAVA2D , however, it’s far too laggy for my image intense program and I need to use P2D… so, still not sure of the solution, but it appears that P2D is the issue here?

hi @Edenstudent,

there are restrictions on setting an icon for JOGL context and therefore it needs to be setup in settings instead of setup method…

Try this…

void settings() {

usually if you do this…

void setup() {

… you should see an error message like below in the console output !?

Window icons for OpenGL sketches can only be set in settings()
using PJOGL.setIcon(filename).

— mnse


Awesome, thanks so much, this worked perfectly!
And no, it didn’t throw any errors or warnings, just did nothing.

Hello @Edenstudent,

This is what I see with Processing 4.3 on W10:

Setting icon in settings():

How cool is that!


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Oh, my mistake; I thought you meant warning in the errors list, not the console. It fills up so quickly when starting that I must’ve missed it, sorry