App crashes after onStop() with P2D -- please help!

Hi, I’m using P2D in my fullscreen() because the default renderer runs my app at around 20 fps, whereas P2D can render it in full 60+ fps. However, a bug now occurs. When I press the “Recents” button or the home button to move the app to the background, onPause() and onStop() get called as normal, but onStart() and onResume() never get called when the app returns to the foreground. The screen remains black for a while, then the notification shows up that the app isn’t responding and the console error “That’s weird. Proc 801 got signal 3, but there’s no stack trace” gets thrown.

I can’t replicate this error.
I’ve tested it on Kitkat4.4 and Lollipop 5.1
It printed all out correctly in the console.
Maybe it’s device dependent.
I recently reported a bug with onPause on github which was marked as core. But this one I don’t know. Maybe others are willing to test it.

my phone is running on Android version 6.0.1 I’ve testing again on a different app and it still happens.

I guess you’ll have to test on another phone as well.

I’ll let you know when I get a hold of one to test on then