App architecture advice wanted. :) - **improved question **

Ok, I managed to build my view logic.
Sorry, let me start over.

I’m making a visualization of Brasil’s congress.

There is the server, which querys the api, get and store data, process pictures and serve all of this. In server I have a Deputy class, that hold and processe all this data. We serve initially a subset of the data to the…

The client gets data and build a local object called CsDeputy (Client SideDeputy) that holds the data locally.

CsDeputy would have a display method, but… I’m willing to use forces to drive the display. Roughly, each deputy will be a ‘badge’ and also there is a Party class that attracts all deputies of that party (we have like 15 of those). Basically is this.

I built the visualization in a separated sketch to help me understand and test everything.

Turned out that the visualization is based on particle life as @scudly has pointed me to this amazing direction here in this other topic.

This is built by a class of nodes that directly interact with the global array holding themselves to calc all forces between them.

Parties are also a node, a different type.

So now how to integrate all?

I thought of making a Node for each CsDeputy, and Party.
So, Deputy John Doe will have node of type deputy as a member field. And also Party DEM will have a Node as a member.

Than I’ll have a global nodes[] with all them.

Is this a good idea?
Or should I have a NodesBoard class to handle all this in a more OOP approach.
I’m gonna have around 600 bodies, speed is a concern.
Below is a picture of the testing arena, in the future each small circle will be a Deputy and the bigger ones parties, just to give an idea:

edit: Let me see if i can mak ethis a better question: I have already a deputies array, and a Parties one also. But they need to interact, should I make a nodes array and push the deputy node and the party node to it?
Like: I instantiate a node from the CsDeputy constructor, and add it to the array?
Or I just make nodes logic separated from and give each node an ID that will link it to each deputy or party?

I will always need to get a node from a dep or the other way around.

class CsDep(){
// blah
this.node = new Node{//blah}
//global array nodes


class CsDep(){
// blah = 22
class Node(){
// blah
this.deputyId = 22

Id is already a field of CsDeputy, it’s actually providede from API.
In fact I’m wondering if instead of an array I should use an object to store them, so I can use the ID field as index, like deputies['13224455'].display
I"ll keep going, ANY input is appreciated.