APDE in Play Store

I have Samsung Galaxy S8 and I downloaded Processing Android 4.0 directly from Play Store.
My father has Galaxy S9 and Samsung Gear S3. When he downloaded Android Processing directly from Play Store, he got version 3.4, so, there i one problem with Processing or Play Store.
Also, Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t have Google Play for smartwatch.

How do I download Processing Companion App outside of Play Store?

The APDE is not developed by the Processing team, but rather an independent developer (Calsign).

Anyway, you can find the releases of the application here: https://github.com/Calsign/APDE/releases. You just have to download the APK file you want and install it on your device.

The APDE wear companion is only available for Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) smart watches, not Tizen (like the Samsung Gear S3), so you can’t build watch faces for your watch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, I understand. Is that also, because Tizen does not support Google Play for watches (whatever it is called)?

But still, why does the s9’s Google Play download 3.6 or whatever the lastest 3.x version is, I don"t remember and my s8 downloads 4.0…