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Hi, I know helping people fully solve their answer with their code might be a forbidden taboo and that I should try and debugging and using println(); to solve my problems. But I have tried many different solutions involving adding new functions, cases, etc.

My project is pretty crappy but college board isn’t looking for something fancy, they really just want us to be able to make algorithms containing different concepts we learned in a semesters worth.
My problem is probably simple I just need help, so if your viewing and don’t mind…

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 8.42.27 PM|690x364
Hopefully you cans see the problem in this picture.
Above “screen = 2;” is “void level2(){”
The problem is once the program reaches void level2() my main shape (ellipses) from the first void level1() doesn’t show anymore.

why is that the issue? and how do I make it show. If i got to use redraw(), how do i use redraw().


You use background in level2()

This is good since you want to move the player but previously drawn stuff gets lost.

You could draw your ellipses in level2 after background

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Wow ! i cant believe it was that simple. Thanks for your help.

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