Any idea on how to show status-notification bar?

I’m working on a project for android as a beginner on Processing. I would like to know if anyone knows how to show the notification bar and change its color. I’ve tried with android developer’s guide, but I’m still stuck.

@Oscar_Galeote ===
you can do that using the NotificationManager API from Android + NotificationService and an intent (pending intent); for calling all this stuff you can create some button, adding to it an onClickListener. As for the background color (and other things of this kind - title,icon, contents…) you set them when you build your notification: myBuilder.setContentTitle (“monTitre”)…and so on.
I can give more details but first of all i want to see what you have tried.

Thanks a lot. I’ve been stupid enough to confuse notification with status bar. Sorry.
What I would like to do is to keep showing the status bar in purple while the app is running fullscreen.
I’ve tried what some people do in these links:

But I’m a newbie, as you might already imagined.

@Oscar_Galeote ===

With Processing

  • you can rather easily show the status bar even in full screen, using from android WindowManager and flags
  • but i cannot see the way to change the status bar background color , because it seems that this color is set by the background() method: so if you want to change the background status color to purple you can only change the background() to purple! - Though with android native and Android Studio you have only to call (example)“window.setStatusBarColor(Color.parseColor(”#0A45F2")); But this call seems to be overriden in processing by the standard background() method.
  • the only solution i can see is to create a layout behind the status bar (some rect) but it is a very bad workaround…Yet, it works (tried with M)
  • Anyway you have also to know that all this stuff can only be done when targetting min SdK >= lollipop.