Another Neural Network Trainer

In case someone needs it -


Thanks so much for sharing this, @ivaylo!

When you say “another” were there other specific neural network options that you were comparing this to, and was there a reason that you made this one instead of using those other options? (as a learning project, or for some aspect of features or usability…?)

The ones I found were either:

  • incomplete (someone tried to port a JS or a Java one, got stuck and dumped the code hoping someone would help) OR
  • relying on esoteric Java libraries probably prohibitive to use/setup in Processing (esp. for beginners) OR
  • limited to one hidden layer or a single activation function, etc.
  • useful for a specific use case or with limited functionality (say no backward propagation implemented)

Also the more people learn/use NNs in Processing the more having a separate trainer would be beneficial. If there is enough interest I’ll make a proper Processing library out of this. Thanks for the interest…