Announcing p5.treegl: Enhance Your WEBGL Projects in p5.js!

Announcing p5.treegl: Enhance Your WEBGL Projects in p5.js!

I’m pleased to introduce p5.treegl, a cutting-edge library designed to simplify shader development and space transformations in p5.js. Whether you’re aiming to create stunning visual effects, manage complex space transformations, or streamline your WEBGL workflow, p5.treegl offers a suite of tools to enhance your projects.

Key Features:

  • Shader Development: Simplify the creation and application of shaders, manage uniforms with a user-friendly UI, and leverage post-effects for dynamic visual results.
  • Space Transformations: Perform advanced matrix operations, coordinate space conversions, and frustum queries with ease, offering you unparalleled control over your 3D environments.
  • Utilities and Examples: Benefit from a range of utilities and explore a variety of examples to kickstart your projects and inspire your creations.

Get started with p5.treegl today and transform your WEBGL projects in p5.js! For more details and to dive into the library, visit p5.treegl on GitHub.