Animation that turns on and off when I receive an arduino data

I want to make an animation of the car park dashboard lights, but I don’t know how to do it.
I have 2 images, one of the lights on and one of the lights off. What I try is to make an animation that turns on and off as it is in the car when I receive an arduino data. Please help me.

is it possible that you change your topic title to something understandable?
what your question / problem is about?

and also from the wording, i can not see what the problem is about

  • Arduino processing comuniction
  • understanding Arduino send lines and
  • using that data in draw()

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Start by making a sketch with setup and draw.

Load 2 images in draw.

Show your entire code

Then have a boolean variable c that tells which image to show

First try to toggle c by key press

Show your entire code

Check the tutorials for Arduino/ electronic


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