[Android Mode4.0] oscP5, udp library error

[Android Mode4.0] oscP5, udp library error

Good morning. After updating your Android version,

  1. The oscP5 library does not work.
  2. The udp library does not work.

Is there a solution?
Or is there an example source code for udp?

Did oscp5 ever work with Android? I thought you were required to use the native networking stack on Android.

And are you sure you want to use UDP for connections?

UDP does not guarantee delivery of data. If you need 100% of the data and in correct order, you can use sockets, which utilize TCP/IP.
If you are developing a audio chat package loss probably isn’t your concern, the audio might get a bit choppy, but when developing a chat every package, every message should arrive.

For custom socket handling:
DatagramSockets Reference (UDP) & Sockets Reference both on Android Developers

I am not yet experienced in networking. You should probably wait for another answer. :wink:

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Thanks for the reply.

@GWAK === , @macbrayne
oscP5 last update: 2011; so it is impossible that this lib ever works with android mode…@macbrayne is right: use the android API for that and use sockets tcp/ip

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