Android mode: Lost connection with device while installing

I’m trying to get the android mode to work on my computer, but keep getting the errror message: “Lost connection with device while installing”. I’ve seen other people posting about this, but none of the answers worked for me. I’m using this guide:
This is what I did:

  1. Downloaded the SDK automatically
  2. Turned on USB debugging on my A5
  3. Installed an USB-Driver from Samsung, since I am using a Samsung phone. I could not do it the way the tutorial wants me to do it, since the USB-Driver came as an installer, and not as a folder. I also can’t find the temp folder in the mode folder which should contain USB-Drivers.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

It DOES work with a skecht with just draw and setup. I’ll start testing what crashes it.

I created a new Sketch, copied all code and data from my old sketch into that, and it works fine. No idea what’s going on there.

Hi @Schred I think what happened here is that you use a more recent manifest xml file. You see, every time you create a sketch in Processing Android, the PDE also generates a manifest file as this file is required by Android apps and it is used to build your apk file. In your case, because you are probably executing an example demo, this examples come with an older version of this manifest file. When you move the code from an old sketch to a new one, the new sketch will have the newest (currently supported) manifest file.

It is great to hear your app is working now. Thank you for sharing your solution as it will help other users in the same situation.


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