An invitation to learn and create computation form, one sketch a day

My name is Pine & this is my first time posting here. Hello everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and my friend Anthony have been doing 100-day computational form challenges. We are inviting you to join our challenge to do compform sketches in this December.

You can find more details in the website, but in short, our approach is to focus on learning rather than “creating some serious art” and have some fun.

We’ll choose an “inspirational sketch” with source code every day as prompt. Your task is to recreate it and remix it with your own idea. We’ll mainly use p5.js.

This doesn’t sound too hard, right? Just copying the code and tweaking some constants are fine as well, but through recreation and experimentation you would have gained understanding and learned something new. In the drawing/painting world people recreate famous artwork as learning exercises all the time. Here we plan to do the same.

Would love to have you joining us!
Our website is,
and our Twitter is



Didn’t see your post but it’s a great initiative!

This is my first contribution without the gif making part :

int nLines = 30;
float noiseAngle = 0;
float noiseDiameter = 1;
float noiseIncr = 0.05;
float margin = 60;

void setup() {
  size(500, 500);

void draw() {
  float gap = width / nLines;
  float xoffset = cos(noiseAngle) * noiseDiameter;
  for (float x = margin; x <= width - margin; x += gap) { 
    float yoffset = sin(noiseAngle) * noiseDiameter;

    for (float y = margin; y <= height - margin; y += gap) {
      float noise = noise(xoffset, yoffset);

      PVector toMouse = PVector.fromAngle(TWO_PI * noise).mult(gap * 0.6);
      strokeWeight(noise * 5);
      line(x, y, x + toMouse.x, y + toMouse.y);
      yoffset += noiseIncr;

    xoffset += noiseIncr;

  noiseAngle += 0.01;

Hey Joseph, love your minimalistic sketches! It would be great if you can share the source with your posting, so others can learn from you as well. I suggest using GitHub, p5.js editor or Glitch. Have fun and glad to have you with us.

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Sure I just did it here (with the code commented) :

Glad to participate! :slight_smile:

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Hi @octref,

As I looked at Particle Wave from day 16, the p5.js logo got swept into a sine wave.

Image capture:


The code in the editor is here.

Edited on December 22, 2020 to adjust the wording.

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is it just me or are there no challenges past day 20?

edit: I can see the gallery but not the tasks and information