Advices to create a player GUI and inventory

Hi, first i would like to thanks everybody in this community for the help and advices i recieved.

With your help i manage to create a little ecosystem with 10 species and their basic behavior.
here a little video i make (sorry for the lag, i don’t have a good pc):

Now, i begin to work on my player, yes the purple dot. I’m looking to make the GUI (i think i can manage that but any advices are welcome) and mostly his inventory.

So here is my question:
i would like to create a basic inventory system for my player, so he can pick up objects on the ground (the fruits you see ingame for example) store it and drop it. Did you guys have advices or link you can gave me ?

thanks for your time.

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for GUI check the libraries like G4P

for inventory : maybe see here:

thanks i gonna check that, i imagine i can use it with eclipse and java