Advice on how to collect student work using and the canvas LMS

First time user. I am going to start using in a college course this semester. I am new to Processing, and have decided to incorporate it as the course already uses python and TunePad to do music. I am sure this is a simple question, but, when a student finishes a sketch, what do they need to submit for me to assess their work. It looks like they will need to send the contents of the entire sketch folder for their sketch, as opposed to just the .pyde file. Right?

I am using the canvas LMS for this course, and this seems kinda like a hassle. So any advice on how to best do this is appreciated. Ultimately, it would be great to have an online version of (I know there is a js version with OpenProcessing, but I really want to use Python since students will use it in the TunePad environment). Thanks for any advice

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Just the “.pyde”, which corresponds to the 1st tab, and the other “.py” tab files.
But of course they can send you the whole folder.

The closest we can get is by mixing PyScript + Pjs:

But b/c it’s so hard to debug that combo, make sure the code already works on Processing.Py before attempting an online conversion to it.

Another great option is pyp5js, which uses p5*js:

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@givetosurfrider if you’re flexible on the specific Python sketchbook, have a look at py5. The creator @hx2A would probably be happy to help you with your class.

Also just curious, is your username a reference to the Surfrider Foundation? I’m heading to my local chapter’s meeting tomorrow night :call_me_hand:t4:


Thanks, @mcintyre ! Hello, @givetosurfrider !

py5 doesn’t run in a browser but it does work well when run through Jupyter Notebooks, and can be used via Jupyter Hub. However, running a py5 sketch on a server over the Internet with Jupyter Hub isn’t currently the best experience as you cannot directly see the running Sketch window. Future versions of py5 will address this, but right now it can’t provide the same level of interactivity that other options can provide.

Thank you so much for the quick response.

Yeah, I figure if my username can do any good at all it should. Truth be told I dont surf much anymore, no longer live at the ocean, but still care about it. Mainly just snowboard these days. Thanks for the quick response!

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Thanks for the quick response!