Adjusting cursor in Processing Editor for Dark Mode

Loving life with the Dark Mode as enabled by changing some of the fields in the “theme.txt” file within the Processing app. Found this forum post to be very handy in achieving the look.

However, I cannot see the cursor very well as the color matches the background and it is not very wide - maybe 1 px. I can baaaarely see it.

Is there a way to change either the color and/or the width of the editor cursor in “theme.txt” or any other file? I cannot seem to find an entry.

See picture for what I am working with.

Thank you!!!

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.02.00 PM

Look under # EDITOR - DETAILS in “theme.txt” (macOS)
editor.caret.color = #333300


Absolutely wonderful thank you so much that did the trick!

I guess I did not know that element on the screen was called a “caret”.