Adding the Spout code to my sketch (audio input visualizer)

Hello there. I’m new to Processing and struggling to add the Spout code to my sketch (an audio input visualizer) to get it to show up in Resolume 6.

I can get the Spout demo to work in Resolume but it’s pure guesswork as to what parts of the code I should paste into my sketch, and where it belongs. I’ve tried looking at the code in a few other examples but it hasn’t helped clarify things.

I’m unsure what else to do to progress further with this. Could someone give me a hand? This is what I’ve got:

* This sketch demonstrates how to monitor the currently active audio input 
* of the computer using an AudioInput. What you will actually 
* be monitoring depends on the current settings of the machine the sketch is running on. 
* Typically, you will be monitoring the built-in microphone, but if running on a desktop
* it's feasible that the user may have the actual audio output of the computer 
* as the active audio input, or something else entirely.
* <p>
* Press 'm' to toggle monitoring on and off.
* <p>
* When you run your sketch as an applet you will need to sign it in order to get an input.
* <p>
* For more information about Minim and additional features, 
* visit 

import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioInput in;

void setup()
size(1920, 1080, P3D);

minim = new Minim(this);

// use the getLineIn method of the Minim object to get an AudioInput
in = minim.getLineIn();

void draw()

// draw the waveforms so we can see what we are monitoring
for(int i = 0; i < in.bufferSize() - 1; i++)
line( i, 450 + in.left.get(i)*50, i+1, 450 + in.left.get(i+1)*150 );
line( i, 550 + in.right.get(i)*50, i+1, 550 + in.right.get(i+1)*150 );

String monitoringState = in.isMonitoring() ? "enabled" : "disabled";
text( "Input monitoring is currently " + monitoringState + ".", 5, 15 );

void keyPressed()
if ( key == 'm' || key == 'M' )
if ( in.isMonitoring() )
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OP found information for a solution here: