Add an input text to "Genetic Algorithm, Evolving Shakespeare" example from NoC

Hi there… i’m try to add an input box to the Shakespeare genetic algorithm
example from Daniel Shiffman’s Nature Of Code (noc-examples-p5.js/chp09_ga/NOC_9_01_GA_Shakespeare at master · nature-of-code/noc-examples-p5.js · GitHub) so the user can enter their own text. I tried to add it in the sketch.js file. I tried a thousand ways but I only get errors ;(((
Any clues?

hi! that sounds frustrating. do you want to share what you tried so we can take a look at it? you don’t have to share thousand ways you tried :slight_smile: just upload what you think should work (ideally on the p5js web editor so we can easily test it).

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