Access SVG file path ID for plotting data into it

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I have SVG file ( Map of Nepal). The map has 75 districts. The path has an id which is the same name as the district. As as example see the code below.

<path id=“kathmandu” fill="#FFFA64" stroke="#646464" stroke-width=“0.5669” stroke-linejoin=“round” stroke-miterlimit=“10” d="

i wanna use getChild() function to get the id so that i can plot the corona virus data I have. The corona virus data is a csv file. The name of districts in the csv file and the path id in SVG file is same. Is there any way to accces every districts in the SVG file by names as they are listed in my csv file. After accessing the district how to use it to plot my corona virus data in that district?
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I am aware if these resources:
Processing Wikipedia - Old Revision

You can also load a csv file.

This is as far as I explored this… on my to do list for one of my future projects.