Access Graphics Memory (Display Lists)[SORTA SOLVED]

I am trying to visualize a rather large point cloud (around 2 million to 100 million points) and a web of triangles connecting them (approximately 21 million to 900 million triangles or so) (lets hope for the lower end). Naturally an array of points and a for loop going through them in draw is way too slow and drags the frame rate down bellow 1. I have experience using OpenGL in c++ and it has the same problem, but it has a solution. in c++ you can do the for loop once to add all the vertices to a GLDisplayList and it will move them to video memory if it can, if not it leaves it on system memory. Either way the GPU can access it considerably faster than usual, this brings the frame rate back up.
I am already using OpenGL mode for the 3D, but I cant figure out how to access Display lists in processing.
Does anyone know how to access Display Lists or similar so I can speed up rendering?

I found a solution, but I doubt it is the best
the PShape class does some sort of background implementing to make drawing it using shape() faster, by creating a PShape(GROUP) and adding each triangle as a PShape we sped up rendering to the acceptable level.

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