Academic exercise HELP

Hello! I’m a newbie on processing and I have a question about an academic exercise. I want to make diagonal points with degrading strokeWeight(starting at point 0,0 with the bigger point). I must use this semi completed program :

void setup {
size(400, 400);

if( int y = 400; y > 0; y-=10) {
point(y-400, y-400);

I have to fill the parenthesis in strokeWeight.

Fill it in and see what happens!

This will require a bit more work than that.

One of the best tools in a programmers tool chest is knowing the resources available to you and learning to navigate and use them.

This is a very short list:

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you have to decrement the size in a for loop, also the code block needs to be in draw. Can’t say anymore than that as its an assignment. Good luck.

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You have to try things and observe. It’ll make you feel like a scientist when you get it right.

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why would the code need to be in draw()?

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it doesnt, I forgot you can draw straight from setup