[99% SOLVED]Klein Bottle rendering?

i wanted to test the math i found at internet and draw a
and i try to render it by
KleinS.vertex(xs, ys, zs);
KleinS.vertex(xs+1, ys+1, zs+1);
and i got something what looks like i am close,
but not know if my math, my loops or my shape vertex are wrong.

if someone has a idea ( and want to take a look ) pls find
klein test

Hi kll,

Can you please copy/paste the code you are using to generate your klein bottle?

did you follow my link?

sorry, it is a TAB in a 3D show project (PTZ) for some example objects,
better you take the whole code from here
and try to remove what you not need.

I did follow your link but you might want to post an MCVE here.

You would have better chance to get answers!

Not so many users will bother dealing with full lenght code, trying to remove everything that is not needed. That’s actually your job :slight_smile:

dear @jb4x
sorry for the miss understanding, i was thinking you are interested in that code.

i hoped that the [99% SOLVED] indicates that that is not a open question anymore.

thanks anyway that you try to help, and now i understand. b.r. KLL

Hoo sorry for that :wink:

I thought that you had a previous issue that you managed to fixed partially and you were still looking for some help!

Thanks for sharing then :+1:
And again, my apologies!