3D solar system simulator

Hi, I’m trying to build a 3d solar system simulator in processing :star: :thinking: . I was wondering what
would be a good library to do this with. I want to be able to move around in my program and have moving objects in it. I’d also like to know if I if there is a way to have infinite mirror effects around the edges of the solar system. Instead of using processing to create the 3d objects, I would use .obj files for for the planets. Thanks! :sunglasses:

very good, would like to learn from you to improve my show


of the objects/planets, also i still have problems with the orbits absolute angles
( that is why i come here to the forum in the first place

) and initial settings (1.1.2000),
the kepler elliptic orbits work.

( this one does not use a library,
views , orbits, operation ( mouse and buttons ) are coded
beginner style // difficult to read )

can you already show us some testcode?

Hi @Kll, sorry I wasn’t able to respond sooner all my attempts at creating it failed which is why I was wondering if I should be using a library. If I find any info about how this could be done a will be sure to reply back here!

sorry, where you are stuck?
are you talking about

  • -a- astronomy / elliptic orbits / day position on these orbits ?
  • -b- on your idea to make them look good ( by .obj .mtl .jpg )
  • -c- with the operational view ( rotate zoom … )
  • -d- realistic “galactic” background

i not know of any library so in my above version i did -a- and -c-
manually, did you test it?

and if you read my blog you might have found my example
for the moon
-b- and -c- only: moon_obj

do you have all the ( planets ) data files already?

for -d- i must say it is a interesting idea, but again what data file you have already?
did you ever test the processing globe example my globe version
that is a sphere with a


using this picture

why i repeat this? well did you ever try to zoom into the earth? what you see?
so if you could get a photo “galaxy view from earth” but in this projection form
you just make a big sphere, use the photo as texture and position yourself inside.
and ready is your “planetarium” [ untested idea ]

Right now I’m am using simple .obj sphere shaped files that have slightly different texture to them so I can tell what they are, and I was planning to replace them once the rest of the project is done. For the background I was just using a png image. Where I’m having trouble in it is being able to move around while scaling everything correctly. I also was want to have collision (for example have an asteroids crash into planets or each other.

yes right,
when you use the real numbers like orbit km and planet radius km
you see nothing
when i started cheating ( objects (radius) like * 500 ), i run into problems,
mercury run inside sun and moon inside earth
so i cheated for sun radius and moon distance differently…