3 Body problem Solution Visualized (2D, 3D maybe coming later)

Research Paper:

By just playing around with Planetary systems that have more than 2 bodies (they can be utterly Complex and it is almost impossible to find a stable Constellation), you can easily see why such Solutions are so stunning. Being surprisingly simple as merely taking the form an Eight, makes this one stand out a lot for me.

Keeping this one 2D for now, 3D sometime later.


Good job, thanks for sharing! How did you get the initial values for positions and velocities if you don’t mind?

Whoops forgot to refer to the paper

Thanks. The Wikipedia article has had this animation forever, but I haven’t noticed that they also specify the initial conditions and a reference to this same paper. I built an “orbital playground” in Processing some time ago and was trying to guess values which would do something like the figure eight thing.

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Thanks so much for shaing this, @B0tOx!

Consider making your git repo a valid sketch by moving the pde files into a correctly named subdirectory. The sketch folder and the entrypoint PDE names must match exactly.

3-Body-problem-Solution-Visualized / Gravity1 / Gravity1.pde
3-Body-problem-Solution-Visualized / Gravity1 / Planet.pde


Thanks for the advice, never have used Github before

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