2D Image DIsplacement

Hello and good day, I’d like to know if anyone has a reference on some GLSL shader to do things like this (images from amazing works of Kurokawa and Julien Bayle)

syn_still_01 K5DXp1yR4gLkxxsDy4TKyD1Ej8mFqZCf2SQX2X9MaB7WqE4yWxeRSekMXdyDq3GBF

Hey there luisArandas,

I can’t refer you to any shaders, but effects like these seem doable with Processing. By combining images, for loops, and randomized calculations you can experiment and get (to a certain degree) unpredictable results.

I haven’t gone as far as Kurokawa and Julien Bayle, but one of the experiments I did myself was merging two images:

I encourage you to try to set up your own code, but if you really don’t have a clue how to get started let me know.

Hello @Tiemen and thanks for your contribution.
The result is a little bit different, they kind of find a place in one axis of the matrix and then multiply all the pixel color until the end of some border

You’re right, in my example the lines get placed on top of existing pixels, while in your 3rd image the horizontal lines merge with the pixels on the background. Still, it be possible to recalculate the rgb value of the pixels where they overlap.