2d arrays not reconised by function

i have a function (not complete) thats supposed to asjust 2 variables based on 2 2darrays, in[][] and out[][], but i get the error msg: the function error() expects parameters like error(float[][],float[][])
heres the faulty code: void AdjustWeights(ArrayList<Float> w, float[][] in,float[][] out) { error(in[][],out[][]); }

and heres the error() function:

float temp=0;
for(int k=0; k<=in.length-1; k++) {
    for(int i=0; i<=in[0].length-1; i++) {
         temp= sign(in[k][i], in.length)-sign(out[0][i],out.length);    
return temp;

whoops, sily me, the [][] are not supposed to be there, so the correct code is error(in,out) not error(in[][],out[])