Weather Station (Work in progress)


I’ve been working on this project over the past few days on OpenProcessing (link down below), and certainly welcome you to have a look :slight_smile: It incorporates quite a bit of material (3D, JSON, API and DOM). It’s a weather station app with data provided by openweathermap. The code is hidden to protect the API key by the way.

Anyway, there interface should be pretty straightforward:

  1. Search for a city in the search bar, and then hit the ‘Search’ button for a list of options.
  2. Click a city in order to display the data (city name, temperature, and general description).

It’s still a work in progress, but I feel this is good enough to at least share in the meantime. I still want to eventually add a toggle between F and C temperatures, along with a few other tweaks. And obviously, any feedback is welcomed as well! :slight_smile:

Weather Station Sketch on OpenProcessing


Fun! Thank you for sharing this.

One suggestion: more city disambiguation.

Thank you!

And that was actually one of the things that I was looking at, with the whole ambiguity. Cause the city list json file directly from came with all of these extra cities :thinking: but that’s definitely a good future suggestion & improvement! :slight_smile:

Nice, you’ve got your first like.(despite hidden code. :smiley:)

Yes, if you want feedback at the code level, definitely disable this feature in another sketch that is a copy-without-API-key:

…that way the key is not exposed, but people can look at the code.

Of course, if the sketch is under rapid development, keep a copy up-to-date can be one more thing to deal with. But when you want feedback, it can be easy to do and quite useful.

Thank you @noel and @jeremydouglass !
I actually just created a fork of the sketch without the code hidden. So now you can have a look at the code :slight_smile:
Link here:
Weather Station (with code available)