Upload processing file and be able to run it online

I need to know a way to upload my files to a server so that they can be executed online, without having to download

Hi @kylu,

You tagged your topic with Processing so you must know that Processing is running on the Java programming language and the JVM (Java virtual machine) and therefore can’t be run on a web page.

You have several alternatives:

  • The most obvious one is to use p5.js which is a port of Processing to JavaScript
  • Host your sketch on OpenProcessing which can either use p5js or ProcessingJS (which translates Java code to JS but is deprecated)
  • Use the p5 web editor to interactively edit your sketches and share them with the world! :wink:


This topic may be of interest:



thanks for all the alternatives! i will try to learn about p5.js


Still sad, the standard java processing can’t run online

Can’t we translate it automatically ?

I think that ProcessingJS was doing that automatically but I just found a transpiler from Java to JavaScript:

I don’t know how well it can perform though :wink:

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