Sound library no longer works?


For whatever it’s worth when I REM out this line: // audio_track[i].release(); in onStop and onPause it does not crash at the end on my system. Error msg indicates that code releases a NULL pointer and thus the crash.

Oh, then please try:
if(audio_track[i] != null) audio_track[i].release()
But does it play all the notes?


if(audio_track[i] != null) audio_track[i].release();

That does not cause a crash on my system; runs ok.

But does it play all the notes?

I’m sorry, but I do not recognize the song and therefore can not tell whether it’s playing all the notes or not (I’ve just never heard it before; likely due to geographic differences).

I’ve posted a link above to compare. It’s (supposed to represent) the shuffle dance tune.

Hi @calsign
It is precisely with this lib that I encounter this problem.
I haven’t yet tried Android mode, i want it to work in Java mode on a pc first.

I am still confused about this. The topic has an Android tag.
The examples in the sound library are working perfectly on my PC.
Maybe you want to start another topic with the tag ‘Libraries’.
Please do not change the tag of this topic, because on Android we have a real problem.

Indeed, I was not in the right section, sorry.
I start another topic in the lib section.

OK, here’s my copy of with the dexed libraries included, so just unzip into your libraries folder.

Thank you very much!! This is great, all examples work.
This library is different in size and worked right away.
Thanks once again, and especially for creating and maintaining APDE.

@calsign: Glad you are alive!

On processiing.sound on Android:
Should work out of the box, as calsign demonstrated.

On the original question:
If processsing.sound is enough for, use it.
For more earnest work, have a look at jsyn - if you have sound running, you already got it - sound is actually just a layer around jsyn to make it more ’ comfortable’ - sadly, it also encapsulates it in a way where using the full potential of jsyn becomes impossible/difficult by making all the useful parts ‘private protected’.
If needed, I can provide a working example for APDE, including MIDI teceiving.

You as well! :grinning:
I’ve never heard of jsyn before, but it seems to work well with in android mode. Read here a discussion between calsign and kevinstadler.
A working example of MIDI receiving would be great!
btw If you managed using sound lib before how did you build it?