removeAll in p5.js (vs Processing)

There is a bug in the removeAll() function that has been fixed, but will only be available in the next release.

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I doubt it, but feel free to provide a link! :wink:

Here you go:

That’s an unrelated function in an unrelated project!

That is interesting! However it is a change in p5.js – not Processing (Java), or processing.js (the Java mode to JS transpiler). For questions in the Processing channel on this forum written in Java syntax, p5.js changes won’t be relevant…

Since LuckSmith is having problems in OpenProcessing I suspect he is using p5.js not Java

We can check in sketch preferences – I should have done that rather than speculating.

Looks like it is written in Java syntax and uses Processing.js.


Oh I didn’t realize I was in the Processing forum. This thread came up when the removeElements() wasn’t working in my p5.js sketch.

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Got it – still thanks for sharing. Under each thread title you will see the category – #processing or #p5js , etc.

Besides being in Java syntax on OpenProcessing, the question is mainly about it not working as expected from PDE / on the JVM.

Yes, very different issue - this is about removeAll() on ArrayLists, and not actually a bug in that.

[Relocating so we aren’t hammering a two-month old OP thread in the wrong category while hashing this out]

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