Python or Node.js? Any Suggestion

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-a- good, you linked to some useful information about that ?question?
what, i hope you read it already,
actually shows that somehow that question ( as OR ) is not too valid

-b- but personally i like

Python / Flask / Jinja 2 / Werkzeug /

very much, as it allowed me to write my own
Content Management System ( myBlog ) webserver
as a beginner in 6 weeks.
( play with it on a Raspberry Pi / download )

-c- but can you tell us why you post this kind of question here at the processing forum?
where again

processing python node?

is not a good AND or OR question…

-d- anyhow what happens to your last post How long does it take to learn C? at this forum?

–a- same comment: little bit wrong forum for that question
–b- not one ANSWER / LIKE by YOU to all the guys who tried to help you with info…