Problems with fractions

Hi, I am trying to make a program where i need to calculate a fraction (3-2)/2 or just 1/2 which is 0,5 ofcourse, however processing says it is 0. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what. I would just like to know how i can fix the problem :slight_smile: .
For exampel if i write something like:

float x=1/2

it just prints 0

I f you want to do “proper” rational arithmetic, I think ApacheMath supports it for java. Some languages like ruby have support out of the box:-

half = Rational(1, 2)
puts half.to_s
calculated = Rational(2 - 1, 2)
puts calculated.to_s
quarter = Rational(1, 4)
puts (quarter + half).to_s



The problem with float arithmetic there are always errors, which are worse for small numbers…

In your case you probably want

float x = 1 / 2.0 // that forces float answer from processing (or double answer if using regular java)

And accept the errors for now.