Oculus Go - How to disable cardboard splash screen?

Hi everyone!

I’m a beginner who’s trying to build a sketch to play around with the Oculus Go, and so far so good, it builds and runs but when I enable STEREO fullscreen the app starts with the cardboard splash screen which I can’t skip due to lack of input on the device.

I’ve checked a few google results, tried to mess with the manifest and so far has gotten nowhere :frowning:
Anyone has a clue on how to deactivate this splash screen? Or maybe bypass it somehow?

Thanks in advance!

@Zweihander11 Do you have a code example that demonstrate the issue you are having?

What version of Processing are you using?

@dan850 Thank you for replying!

I’m using Processing 3.4 on Android mode and building straight to the Oculus Go device which is a dedicated Android device.
I’m trying to run the VR example found on the website:

import processing.vr.*;

void setup() {

void draw() {
  PGraphicsVR pvr = (PGraphicsVR)g;
  if (pvr.eyeType == PVR.LEFT) {
    background(200, 50, 50);
  } else if (pvr.eyeType == PVR.RIGHT) {
    background(50, 50, 200);
  } else if (pvr.eyeType == PVR.MONOCULAR) {
    background(50, 200, 50);

If use fullscreen in MONO mode everything works fine. The issue happens when building in stereo mode. That’s when I get this screen

Any hints on how to skip that will be appreciated!