Map csv file data in a map of any country

Hello guys , I am new to processing and I have a question about my program. I am planning to plot the Corona virus data in the map of Nepal. I have a SVG file for the map, and csv files for corona virus data and Latitude and longitude of each district of Nepal. I am not sure how to use the latitude and longitude to plot in the exact location. maybe I need to configure the map before plotting it. I could not find any good documentation on how to do it either. Could anybody guide me on how to do it ?
Thank you in advance

import java.util.HashMap;
Table table;
PShape baseMap;
String p[];
String[] Data;
Table location;

StringList strDistrict;
IntList intConfirmedCases;
IntList intTotalDeath;
IntList intTotalRecovered;
FloatList floatLat;
FloatList floatLong;

void setup() {
  size(1000, 800);

  //loading the map and the csv file
  table=loadTable("corona.csv", "header");
  location=loadTable("location.csv", "header");

void draw() {
  shape(baseMap, 0, 0, width, height); //display the map
  strDistrict=new StringList();
  intConfirmedCases=new IntList();
  intTotalDeath=new IntList();
  intTotalRecovered=new IntList();
  floatLat=new FloatList();
  floatLong=new FloatList();

  for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
    String District=row.getString("District");
    int Confirmed_Cases=row.getInt("Confirmed Cases"); 
    int Total_Death=row.getInt("Total Death");
    int Recovered_Cases=row.getInt("Total Recovered");
    intConfirmedCases.append(Confirmed_Cases); //appending the data of confirmed cases in a stringlist
    intTotalDeath.append(Total_Death); //appending the data of confirmed cases in a stringlist

  for (TableRow row : location.rows()) {

    Float Latitude=row.getFloat("Latitude"); 
    Float Longitude=row.getFloat("Longitude");


  for ( int i=1; i<floatLat.size(); i++) {
    float graphLong=map(floatLong.get(i), 90, -90, 0, height);
    float graphLat=map(floatLat.get(i), -180, 180, 0, width);
    fill(255, 0, 0, 50);
    ellipse(graphLat, graphLong, 5, 5);

  text("Index", 30, height-130);
  ellipse(40, height-100, 30, 30);
  text("--> Confirmed Corona Cases", 70, height-97);

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