Make the camera follow an object

Hi, I am trying to make a game in processing and I need to make the camera follow an object by using camera, but i can’t get it to work so it would be nice with just a simple example

Is this in P3D…? In 3D…?

it’s 2d
i wrote: size(800,800,P2D);

There is no camera in 2D

Instead always draw your character at widrh/2 , height/2 and move floor/map/buildings underneath by adding -x to each position

Sorry my fault, check for a tutorial about How to write a game.

Camera is designed for 3D (P3D). Reference /

In 2D, “translate()” (and rotate) is the essence of the camera.

Here is a very simple example. The sketch is drawing a fixed platform and avatar around 0,0, but a moving “camera” can be toggled with the spacebar.

 * 2D camera for platformer -- left/right moves, space toggles camera
 * 2019-04 Processing 3.4
int x;
boolean cameraOn = true;

void draw() {
  translate(width/2, height/2); // center the shot
  if(cameraOn) myCamera();

void platform(){
  rect(0, 0, 70, 20);

void avatar(){
    if(keyCode==RIGHT) x++;  // move
    if(keyCode==LEFT) x--;
    if(x>35) x=-35;          // wrap around
    if(x<-35) x=35;
  ellipse(x, -10, 10, 10);   // draw

// move the camera in a circle based on time
void myCamera(){
  translate(width/3 * sin(millis()*.001), height/3 * cos(millis()*.001));

void keyReleased(){
  if(key==' ') cameraOn = !cameraOn;


Notice that the platform is always drawn centered on 0,0. The “camera” is just an optional translate command that changes the frame of reference – the view – before the platform is drawn.

For a different example with vertical scrolling, see:

Again, it is just a translate command before drawing.