Looking for Tutorial to make library of various functions

That’s normal but if you have a java file you are willing to share I can package it myself for you and send you a github link.

Fiy tutorial is on the processing github repo

Step 1

Download and install eclipse

step 2
Download the template from processing github.

Please note you need another version to handle android libraries

or you can try mine - windows only

mine should already contain the core.jar and also the sound.jar

Step 3.
please change the relevant files by opening the readme.md on the processing version or the readme.txt in my version.

place the folder wherever you which in your computer and make sure the Processing folder matches the location in the relevant files, again the readme.md or readme.txt should let you know which files.

Step 4

import the folder as a project into eclipse
right click on the left most pane mine just happens to be setup slightly differently.
Select import.

Select existing project

select the location of your project.
Providing that your project files have been changed correctly you should be able to see a tick in your project. Mine has already been imported so cannot be checked.

click finish you should be good to go.

Step 5
build your library

select your project, right click and build as ant



Thank you for your kind and quick reply.

The conclusion must be implemented through ‘Eclipse’.

I tried to solve it using ‘.java’ which came out through ‘processing’.

With your kind explanation, I understood.
Thank you sincerely.

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You’re welcome. Please mark this thread as having a solution if this has resolved your problem so others with the same issue may also be able to find it.

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